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I say that because it’s a sport where the best men are paid handsomely for their ability to perform. There’s an element of competition between dancers, and if you’re good in a sport like this, you’re going to be the top of the mountain. But if you’re not good the stakes should be small. Just think about your favorite sports team, and the guys in them who are actually paying for their own tickets to the game. They’re not rich but they’re paying to attend and they’re not rich but they also don’t have to be.

So I think it’s the same deal as with any sport, and I’ve always thought it’s fun: I’m going to dance and I’m going to do something nice, and if I have to I’ll pay for it. You’ll pay for it in the same way you pay for a dinner at a restaurant where you pay $25 for a glass of wine; you pay for it. I think that’s always a little annoying, but if you have the money to be able to pay for it, that’s fine by me.

Are there any current issues that you are aware of with pole dancing being portrayed in a negative light?

There’s a certain amount of self-importance involved because it’s in a high-visibility genre, like pop music, which is a big genre and they like to present it that way. It’s not necessarily an art form, it’s just a style, and so they’re constantly showing it in a positive light that I think is annoying. They don’t want something to be associated with someone who may very well have a serious problem, but that’s just the way they are and I’m sure they just like the art form of it.

I remember a conversation with a local club owner who was saying, “Well, if we’re spending all our time making music and performing, then we should probably start having real conversations about it.” And it’s an interesting issue, because I think a lot of us are like that. But it’s not about music and dance. It’s about being an American, having a voice, being a human being. A lot of people I know have never danced before and they find this art form extremely boring and not really worth their time. I’ve gotten along quite well with people who have danced here before, but they can’t seem to get past that first step where it’s just a little girl with a ball hanging from one arm, going in little

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