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Can a tattoo be altered during the healing process? In this section we answer these questions and provide a general overview of tattoo removal.

Can a tattoo be surgically removed?

Although any tattoo may be surgically removed upon request, this is not always possible (e.g. a medical condition).

In most cases a tattoo is permanently removed. In some cases, it may be temporarily removed until an appropriate alternative is found.

What does it mean for a tattoo to be removed? It indicates the end of the tattoo is not covered by the skin. This typically implies the end of the tattoo is being removed and the remaining skin is not being used. If all of the tattoo can normally be removed (e.g. most of the tattoo is covered by the skin) this cannot be termed ‘removal’ of the tattoo.

Does the body allow that a tattoo ‘be removed’ at any time? The body may be willing to let a tattoo be removed but when?

The process of removing a tattoo varies throughout a person’s life. There are times when a tattoo (e.g. a tattoo of the face) will be removed, and others when that skin is not actually affected. In some cases, the body will not allow any tattoo to be removed at all (e.g. a tattoo on the head of a child will not be removed). But, for individuals who were damaged during their childhood by a tattoo, removal can be permanent. Tattoo removal often requires a consultation by a qualified medical specialist.
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Does someone get a tattoo every time they get dressed? No, tattoos are very visible and a person’s skin will most likely be damaged on their body if they get a tattoo at any point or at some point in their lifetime. It is best to consult a professional prior to having a tattoo removed.

What does a tattoo look like? Each tattoo has its own unique character. This means a tattoo may look different in your hand or on the body. A regular tattoo will look the same if you draw it on. A tattoo that is removed may look different. Some types of tattoos (e.g. scars or tattoos to be covered) will look different depending on the location where it was removed.

How do I remove a tattoo? If you want to remove a tattoo that is not covered by the skin it is best to consult with a qualified medical professional. Your health insurance will cover these consultations.

How long does it take for a tattoo

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