Can salt and lemon juice remove a tattoo? – Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal Pittsburgh

The answer is yes, but most tattoo removal is done with saline (table salt) to remove skin cells. Salt is very effective at removing a tattoo, but the salt’s main drawback is that it doesn’t dissolve skin. If the salt layer beneath is not fully dissolved, the tattoo will remain visible—unless the tattoo is left exposed in the skin.

How much salt should I put on my tattoo?

Depending on how many layers you have, you can place up to a tablespoon (1/4 cup) of salt on a tattoo on an average tattoo. The table below shows the salt dosage recommended for each layer, and the range of salt dosage used by tattoo artists. If you’re going to leave your tattoo exposed, be sure to use a skin-care product that has a good level of skin-soothing ingredients.

Tattoo layer dosage.

Curl thickness (in inches)

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