Can tattoos give you cancer? – Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

It is impossible to say without a lot of research about what factors are being linked and how. The fact that most people who get tattooed are not doing it because they are suffering from cancer or they feel bad about it probably goes a long way.

If you do get tattooed, remember:

Tattooing is temporary – so if you get a cut or break a bone it will heal in short time. When you’re finished you may want a new tattoo.

What are the main risks to getting tattooed?

If you’re going to do tattooing, be aware of the following risk factors for getting a tattoo:


Age is usually the biggest single risk factor for getting getting tattoos. But, some people of all ages are likely to get tattooed.


Some women of childbearing age are also likely to get tattooed.


Tattooing for anyone breast feeding will not be good for the baby. Breastfeeding mothers could get more skin cancer than non-breastfeeders.

Skin problems

Some people with skin problems and tattoos get tattoos for beauty, appearance or for a more unique sense of being, such as tattoos of animals.

Older people and other people not in good health

Tattooing for someone who has a medical condition may not be the best option. It can also be hard for someone to be self-assessed before being tattooed and some people may not recognise that they can get skin cancer. In fact sometimes getting tattooed makes it harder for people with medical problems to be diagnosed correctly.


A tattoo in and of itself does not necessarily mean that cancer has been caused by the tattoo. For example, not all skin cancer is skin cancer. Tattooed skin can be a sign of other health problems. When they get the tattoo, you may end up having skin cancer.

What about the health benefits of getting tattooed?

Tattoos can be beautiful and fun. Whether it’s you or an artist you will get a tattoo that you like. So, tattooing may actually be a good idea. However, if you’re not happy with having a tattoo, you should keep your decision to yourself. You can choose not to get the tattoo.

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