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A long-term study of 14 patients with a large number of tattoos, and 12 with small ones, showed that daily exercise reduced the risk of removal by 40 percent over four years. This was especially true of patients undergoing laser inactivation.

The authors did not identify the cause of the tattoo removal. One theory is that it was caused by a hormone that is released to signal the body to stop or even reverse the tattoo. The hormone inactivation may also be responsible for the risk of scarring, as the patient may not be able to get rid of the tattoo if the tattoo isn’t inactivated.

It could also be that the treatment removes the tattoo by burning it. This could explain why some people report significant scarring when undergoing the treatment.

But whether the risk of tattoo removal is really down to exercise alone is not clear.

How can tattoos be removed?

For removal, a laser can be used to inactivate a tattoo from within. Many tattoo removal lasers use ultrasonic energy, which is used to remove the ink. Even the strongest laser can only remove some of the paint (though some types are stronger).

There are several methods for burning a tattoo but the one that has been most widely used for decades is scissor burn . This procedure involves a metal razor blade inserted into the tattoo. A vacuum is used to suck away the material so that the metal blade does the job properly. When the laser was first introduced to tattoo removal, tattoos were often difficult to remove (see the image above), so patients were often told to wait a few days to see if they needed more intensive treatment.

The procedure can damage nerves and is therefore not recommended to remove all of the tattoos.

In the image above, we’re treating a tattoo on the left of the neck. The tattoo appeared in the left hand on the forearm, which is the left side of the picture. The tattoo is a tattoo on the back of the neck, a left-handed person would use their right hand, and the tattooed part is on the right arm.

Tattoo removal

What should I expect?

First things first, you’ll probably have a few questions about the tattoo removal procedure you’re going to get and what to expect from it.

You’ll have to sign a medical release forms to get a tattoo removed, in all likelihood. And before you go, you must be well-versed in the procedure so that you know how to

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