Does your skin go back to normal after tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Los Angeles Reddit

I have been doing this as a hobby for some years and have noticed that my skin starts to look normal a few weeks after having the tattoo removed. I don’t know that my skin will look the same before and after a tattoo removal – it is very subjective as I personally cannot see anything different at the beginning as they do it over and over again. However, when I have the tattoo removal removed I can definitely notice a difference.

What happens after the removal of a tattoo? If it doesn’t happen immediately after the removal of a tattoo, do you need another time?

It will be another few weeks before I can feel my skin again. I do not like being touched by a stranger as it hurts quite a lot and I also can’t find my skin anywhere else.

If you have a piercing and don’t have time to get it removed I would suggest a one-month waiting period before having the piercing removed. If you don’t like piercing you can wait another month to have a surgery that will help you get a piercing done.

How much do I need to pay for a tattoo removal?

If it is a small or special piercing I will need to pay as much as I can afford to. However if you are doing a tattoo above your wrist, there will be cheaper and more effective ways to have it removed. I usually get a three part tattoo removal for a little over £50. However you also need to make sure that you take insurance on the surgery as the insurance may not cover the whole cost. If you have any questions please ask.

Can you see the tattoos again within a matter of weeks?

I do not know that it will be possible to see the tattoos again. But I have tried a couple of times with no success. I think it is probably due to all the swelling and being covered in wax. But it may be I never get the ink out of my skin as I am not sure I can be more careful with an old tattoo.

I think I will go for the $80-150 price now. But as a joke I have written a letter to the doctor to get my old tattoo removed as it is so uncomfortable I still have to wear a hood over my head.

What are your long term goals for tattoo removal?

I am very happy so far with my outcome but I am not sure if I can stay healthy. It is the first time for me since I was 15 doing tattooing and I am

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