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What is the optimal wavelength range for tattoo removal lasers.

How do you avoid the skin irritation associated with tattoo removal lasers.

Why are tattoos removed using laser?

What effect does laser can have on a tattoo?

How do tattoos heal after laser treatment?

Why does laser pain medicine (laser therapy) cause permanent scarring?

How do tattoos heal after laser removal?

How a tattoo is removed

What is the optimal wavelength range for tattoo removal

It is believed that tattoo removal lasers consist of a single laser beam, consisting of the following beams:

(1) the primary pulse, which is the most powerful point of light

(2) a secondary pulse, which is a more powerful point of light

(3) the back current, which is a weak pulsing point

The number of rays that make up this light spectrum and the wavelength range for each beam are described below:

Primary pulse: 400-800 nm

Secondary pulse: 600-1020 nm

Back current: 300 nm

When a laser pulse is generated, a pulse is generated in the light frequency range of 400-800 nm. The light-frequency is determined by the wavelength at which the laser is set to operate. Each wavelength consists of two light-waves, the primary and the back.

In order to generate a laser beam, an electric pulse is generated between the secondary and the back of the beam. The electric pulse creates a current of energy between these two locations, which moves the two structures apart and creates a short pulse. The laser beam then interacts with a crystal which can be formed by the light waves moving through the crystal during the laser pulse. The optical properties of the crystal determine the wavelengths the laser beam can reflect. When a laser is focused on a laser-pulsed material, energy is released, which then moves through the material and generates a second laser pulse. At this second laser pulse, another energy release is generated and the light energy then moves through the crystal to form a second laser beam. The third, fourth, and fifth lasers are created based on the interactions between the laser and the crystals being used. The crystals and the laser may be used in a laser array for enhanced precision in all manner of fabrication processes (such as 3D printing).

Laser treatment uses a combination of two types of treatments:
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1. Laser removal

2. Laser ablation


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