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Most of the time you’ll find you need a little more time on your nails after a tattoo removal. Even if you are totally satisfied with your results it will depend on how the tattoo affects or heals the skin. In general, it probably won’t be as obvious as a tattoo removal with just one removal.

What if I’m still unsure?

Call your tattoo removal specialist or do a short self-appraisal:

Itching and bleeding are often signs of bacterial infection

You may need more pain medicine or antiseptic after your tattoo removal

The length of itching can be difficult to assess

Be sure of the removal method and tattoo removal tools

What will happen if you have a bacterial infection?

When the bacteria is killed off it will become a non-infectious white discharge known as a sebaceous gland, which can be wiped up with a wet cloth to prevent infection and make it appear less noticeable. This will not usually cause any other symptoms until it is gone, so don’t worry. A more severe skin infection might lead to more pain and bleeding.

How will my tattoo removal affect my skin?

As with other skin conditions where the infection is caused by a bacterium such as skin cancer, this can have a dramatic effect on the health of the skin. You may start to develop rashes, breakouts and breakouts.

Will tattoos fade in the future?

Tattoos can fade away from scarring, age or if the area has been damaged, but it will most likely be a small part and in any case you shouldn’t worry about it. We don’t know exactly how all tattoos fade away, but there’s definitely no reason why it shouldn’t fade or disappear into the background as it used to be. It’s generally not expected and unlikely to cause any further complications in the future.

Can I make a permanent tattoo by making a permanent mark on my skin?

Yes, but there are a few more precautions you should take. First, remember that tattoo marking can affect your self-esteem and is one way in which a temporary tattoo can be used to establish the relationship between you and your tattoo (see how many tattoos to have).

Also, if you do intend to keep the permanent mark on your skin, you should make sure that it is one that is permanent, and that there is absolutely nothing else on it. If you have someone else tattooed next to the one on your

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