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How does burning in the area affect my discomfort?

After you start using a product in the burn zone you need to monitor the burn for a few days. When your burn has completely cleared up, and you are able to keep a straight face for a few hours please remove the product.

Please note: If you have the burning sensation as a result of burning in the area you can continue to use the product up until the burn completely clears up. There are many other medications that can cause burning on the hands and feet. For more information on burning from other medications read our article: What else causes burning on the hands and feet?

Do I need to follow any medication instructions about burning scars?

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In the United States, burning at the burn site must not be treated as an outpatient procedure (meaning no hospital stay). You may use medications that are approved for your burning condition during the burn treatment (we will let you know if that’s acceptable) or stop taking your medication as soon as the burn reaches a satisfactory resolution.

As a general rule most medications that cause burning can be taken off by the end of the day. The burning will usually become less intense the longer you wait to take any medications off. If you experience burning for an extended amount of time, however, a doctor will need to use additional measures such as antifungal drugs, if necessary.

If you experience burning during a treatment you should speak with your practitioner so that he or she can determine if it’s a medication-related flare or is a more systemic cause.

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