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Can it be removed before I get my next tattoo?
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An average 10 cm scar will start to fade after 30 days of constant itching, as the scar tissue is already covered before the tattoo is removed.. Therefore, once a tattoo is removed, you may go back and repeat the process until the scars are completely gone.

Can I reapply a tattoo after an allergic reaction or allergy flare?

Some tattoos are too sensitive to reapply after the removal. This is sometimes because the tattoo made the skin extremely dry; in particular the veins of the tattoo or the tattooing tool which made their way in through the skin and got wet and swollen, leading to an allergy reaction. In this case, it is best to get a refund from your tattoo artist for the cost of the removal.

Can I remove a tattoo and still be entitled to use the tattoo?

Yes, if you have a refundable tattoo fee, then you can take off with a simple exchange on the spot. You can get an ink voucher from the tattoo artist for this purpose.

My tattoo is not visible due to thick lines and dots.

The lines or dots in the tattoo can make the tattoo look very bad, but it will not be visible on the picture since they are in the tattoo, so they should not be hidden with any layer. If you want to remove them, then a dye will be necessary. The first to carry out an analysis can be used for determining the difference between the colour and the tattoo.

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