How many sessions does it take to remove a black tattoo? – Laser Tattoo Removal Machine For Sale Philippines

1 session

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How many days does the process last?

4-10 days depending on the tattoo

What is the time frame for treatment?

For a black tattoo this is anywhere from 3-4 days with the average of 4-10 days.

What happens to the body after having a black tattoo removed?

It is not a miracle treatment that the body would heal instantly.

The body does not heal instantaneously once the scar tissue and blood-vessels are removed. The blood-vessels and scar tissue needs to be completely removed and the body will be still in pain for 3-4 days before healing will return.

This is why it is important to have multiple healing and treatment appointments. This will allow every day that the tattoo is still present and healed, to be treated for 3-4 days to allow as much time for the body to heal.

If the wound is on the body when it is removed, do you lose body fluids and electrolytes?

The only body fluids lost are the ones that the body has had for 30-60 days.

When we removed the black tattoo and it was no longer on the body; did we lose any body fluids?

No. The blood would have been reabsorbed as soon as the blood flow went to 0. We have yet to see any evidence in the medical record of any loss of body fluids.

What happens to the blood after the tattoo is removed?

Blood-vessels will not be removed. The body will remain in pain with no blood flow until the blood vessels that have been damaged are replaced. The scar tissue will be gone but the blood vessels will not be removed.

How long can the scar tissue remain in place?

The scar tissue needs to remain in place for 6-8 months for optimal recovery.

Is it possible to have a post-operative scar on my body which the surgeon treats?

Yes, a post-operative scar can be treated and can be treated with a prosthetic.

What type of prosthetic is the safest for me to have?

This is a tough one. For sure any prosthetic that has 3-6 arms is much better than any prosthetic that does not have 3-6 arms.

What kind of surgery is preferred for my scar that was made to be a black tattoo?

This type of scar is not ideal. It is not ideal at

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