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“I would have to assume that there are an awful lot of people who find the process to be uncomfortable, painful, and don’t get the results they desire. These are very common reasons why people give up laser tattoo removal.”

How much do laser tattoo removal sessions cost? “We’ve all heard that we pay about $1,000 a session or more, which certainly sounds quite costly. If that is the case, then it sounds like they are going to get someone a much higher charge with a less-effective, less-efficient system.”

How long can you expect laser tattoo removal to remove your tattoo, and when will it come back? “I would guess that around the age of 16, you will be seeing results for a relatively long time.”

How do I tell the difference between laser tattoo removal and liposuction? “For the most part, I think liposuction has more of a cosmetic goal in mind, so laser tattoo removal is a much more serious procedure.”

How likely is it that I will need laser tattoo removal again after I’ve had it? “I think it’s unlikely that you can ever completely eliminate any potential for re-tattooing based on the results achieved from laser tattoo removal alone. It is important to understand that most tattoo scars, which I feel in every case to be caused by tattoo removal, will have to be addressed if a future client is after your services.”

Where do I go after laser tattoo removal? “People with any type of tattoo, including some tattoos that are highly visible, do tend to seek treatment. That said, laser tattoo removal is more likely to appear as a permanent solution in most cases.”

Can lasers be used on permanent markings? “It’s not recommended! It can cause serious complications and can create an uncomfortable situation for clients and their friends and family. Laser tattoo removal is much more of a temporary solution.”

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Will laser tattoo removal hurt me? “There are no specific recommendations regarding the pain response of laser tattoo removal. I’d recommend avoiding the area or moving it to a separate position when it’s over.”

When will a laser tattoo removal case be made from my tattoo? “We generally make them in the time that we have to have an image of the artist’s work.”

What if the person has multiple tattoos, is my procedure the same for all? “This is a concern that seems to come up more and more with people who go laser tattoo removal. If your laser tattoo

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