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Tattoo removal can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s fine for tattoos to get uncomfortable at times, but you won’t feel the pain of a needle piercing if you plan ahead beforehand and keep your appointment at an appointment that suits you and your need.

Why are some people so allergic to tattoo removal?

When your skin is injured in a medical emergency – whether it’s a medical emergency, accident, injury or if you’re undergoing medical treatment – there can be a reaction to the anaesthetic, medication or anaesthetic being used.

Laser Tattoo Removal: Shining Light on a Flourishing Industry
Skin that has already had ink removed can get very red and swollen after you get a tattoo. When someone has a tattoo removed under anaesthetic, this can cause a reaction. This is a normal side effect of surgery and any such reactions are treated very carefully. You should be taken to a hospital emergency room and treated for the reaction within the first 24 hours.

Most people who get tattoo removal are completely fine. The chances of getting an allergic reaction to a tattoo removal are low but it is important to talk to your GP if you notice any change in your symptoms.

Your doctor may use other methods of treatment to help remove the tattoo, including laser removal, laser tattoo removal and wound care.

If you suspect a tattoo removal reaction, tell your GP or anaesthetic staff, so they can make sure all steps are taken to ensure there are no re-applications.

By Robert O’Brien

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