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In this case, you can use a skin cream and a small amount of blood alcohol to get a burn off. As blood is a by-product of tattoo work, an alcohol can be used to remove any remaining blood or tattoo particles.

What if I can’t get the tattoo off?

You can try using a local anesthetic to help remove the tattoo. Depending on the size of your wound, and the tattoo, a local anesthetic might be appropriate. However, if the tattoo is on your arm, or the area is more delicate due to a number of tattoos, there are many local anesthetic options in place. Check with your doctors for more information.

When must I seek medical attention for a tattoo?

After reading this article, you probably wouldn’t want to remove your own tattoo. If you’ve been tattooed, get it checked by your doctor. If you are in imminent danger of bleeding while tattooing, try to remove a tattoo immediately without getting to medical attention.

If you have any doubts about your tattooing, or you need advice about other tattoos you have, get your doctor in contact with us.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The BBC has been criticised for paying its staff below minimum wage

BBC presenter and presenter of Top Gear James May says staff are “being paid too much” at an event in Manchester to highlight the rights and wrongs of employment.

He said there were “disgraceful” aspects of BBC employment.

He was speaking at the Workplace Fair in the town on 22 January, organised by the Manchester branch of the Equality Network and the Women’s Equality Party.

The broadcaster said there had been a “minor issue” earlier in the year involving a guest who was not paid his UK living wage.

In November, actor Ian Holm was sent home from Top Gear after appearing in an episode with a guest who does not receive the highest possible benefit rate, £26,000 a year (about £25,000 a year for a couple).

‘Worst possible situation’

The guest does not receive the statutory minimum weekly rate for a British National Classed Pensioner.

The BBC says its current pay policy ensures equal pay for equal work between men and women.

“To be honest, we are a little disappointed, as we have been trying to get these issues under control for a couple of months,” said James May, presenting on BBC3’s The Grand

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