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The process usually begins with removing the body from the tattoo site. This is called “determine area of the body,” where the artist has to be able to determine with a little guidance from a medical professional whether the artist needs more or less skin to be removed from a particular area of the body.

Before proceeding to remove the tattoo, the artist should consider what is being done to the body by the tattoo. It is important for the artist to know what and how much skin he needs before he begins to work. For example, if a girl has a tattoo on her calf that is about 10 inches long, the body of the tattoo must be removed immediately, because the area of the body from which the tattoo runs over can be quite extensive. The amount of skin and blood contained there can be quite heavy and it can take a long time to remove it with the tools being used.
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Another very serious issue for tattoo removal is that of contamination of an artist’s instruments. If the skin on the body of the tattoo is so thick that it is impossible to remove, the artist has to use a lot of special tools and clean surfaces to remove all the ink or else the result will be extremely painful.

If the area on the body from which the tattoo was removed is not completely covered, then a lot of very careful medical and surgical work is to be done with special equipment. This involves removal of the entire body from the area, and that’s why it is important to be absolutely clear that the artist only uses a special, approved tool for this procedure.

Is there any known downside of the removal of a tattoo?

The removal of tattoos is usually not considered safe because the skin can be very infected after the procedure. In the case of a tattoo on the face, if the healing does not be perfect, it can still turn out that the tattoo does not leave a permanent mark on the skin, but does leave traces on the skin that can be found when it is cleaned.

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