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Here we go.

How to remove scars easily

Remove the small scars you see often with tattoos

Tattoos usually affect your skin’s ability to heal itself, so they should be replaced every 5 to 6 months

You might still get temporary tattoos on the inner side of your back if you’ve scarred your muscles after working out

You can choose to take over your tattoo, as it allows you to use different techniques. We’ll go through these as we go.

Removing scars
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Wash your hands of the tattoos with warm soapy water for 15 minutes. If there are larger marks, you can wipe them on your bedsheets with a tissue. If you’re having the surgery on yourself, it might be best to do the same.

Remove any other blemishes and marks. You might need to use makeup remover, to remove oil and makeup from your skin. Some experts recommend oil-type creams to remove some of the grease and oil residue that may be left in your skin.

Your doctor will tell you what to expect during the procedure. This will include a detailed explanation of your risk of infection, and the best way to keep the area free of infection while your skin heals

A topical solution of vitamin A and Vitamin C has recently been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating scars of the breast and on the face . Although some evidence from research suggests this may be effective against acne , a review of 10 trials found that it appeared to have no benefit after two years of treatment (more on this later). That said, this trial was small, and was controlled for several variables, such as the skin type, age and gender of subjects. If this approach is not available, it’s advisable to see a skin specialist at some time after the procedure – your scars may still be inflamed from the scars before the procedure. In addition – if you have some scars you need to be able to get rid of, or you’re concerned about the possibility of infection following the procedure, it’s better to do the procedure yourself after a thorough consultation with a certified skin specialist.

The safest way to remove scars you may have removed yourself is via surgical implantation. You’ll need an implant in order to actually cover most of your scars, but it’s the implant itself that acts as the scar (the part of your skin that was removed). Removing your implants is a quick, easy and relatively painless procedure.

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