What are the hardest tattoo colors to remove? – Best Tattoo Removal Creams

For removing tattoos, all colors are the most common but there’s a few you should watch out for. I’m going to make a few observations about these before we dive further into the removal process. They’re the ones I’ve experienced personally, and while this can be true for other people, I can’t vouch for it:

Bold colors can be painful to remove

Dark brown, black, and white can be more difficult to remove

Yellow can be painful to remove

Black can be hard to remove, not easy to remove lightly with a lot of pressure, and often does not fade

Be careful when removing bright colors because this causes the skin underneath to turn red; be sure you’re not cutting on the underside.

How long does it take to remove an tattoo from an area?

For each area, I’ve personally seen a 5-10 minute process
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Yellow is the most painful and most likely to be uncomfortable to remove because there’s little to no blood flow to keep blood away from the skin. If you have redness around your tattoo, you may not know if the redness is from red on your tattoo or from the treatment

Black and Dark brown are the easiest to remove. They should fade in about a month; you may need to be very careful about leaving a white streak of skin behind, so this usually causes you to take it out in the bathroom or shower as you may want to avoid bleeding from any cuts you will need to make later. Black and Black-Yellow-Black-Cream-Purple/Lime-Black, Cream-Blue, Red, Red-Cream, Grey, White-Purple-Burgundy, Grey-Purple-Lime, White-Purple-Blue-Purple-Yellow, Cream-Black-Cream-Lime, Black-Red, Cream-Dark Brown-Cream, Red-Purple, Red-Light Brown, Black, White-Purple, Cream-White

Can the removal process be done overnight?

Probably not, but it can be done in the morning.

Is there anything else I should watch out for or ask questions more about?

I am not a tattoo artist, this is my personal experience and advice, so there is no guarantee of successful removal. You can try to remove a tattoo in your sleep but you’ll probably feel slightly uncomfortable so you may want to try to sleep outside or wear a mask and

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