What is the fastest way to remove a tattoo? – Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions

You can only remove a tattoo from scratch with a professional professional. A tattoo removal specialist can remove tattoos from the skin of the upper lip and chin.

How much of your skin should be removed? Does the removal process need to be done on both sides or only one?

Only the outermost layers of the skin should be removed. Your tattoo should be removed on the outer side only. When removing a tattoo on the inner side, it is recommended to get in contact with your doctor first.

When can tattoo removal be done?

It depends. For example if you have a tattoo that takes a long time, you should first get expert advice in getting the right tattoo removal therapy. You can get in contact with your doctor for advice after you have finished the tattoo removal treatment.

Will I need to have an appointment?

As a non-paying customer you can’t get a tattoo removal appointment. In most cases a good tattoo removal treatment will be done on your in person only. This might mean you will have to come back to the doctor’s office one or more times during the course of your treatment. After you have gotten the treatment that you need, you can return to the clinic to meet with your doctor again to have a complete check it out. All treatment fees are inclusive of the cost of your appointment and your treatment.

What if I am in a hurry?

Your tattoo removal can be postponed until later in the process. For example if you have a tattoo removal appointment during the weekend, you can postpone the appointment till the following day. Or if you have scheduled an appointment for Christmas, you can postpone the appointment till next week.

Do I get a list of tattoos to get removed?

It is recommended that you bring a list of tattoos to be removed to your appointment. You can call your tattoo removal specialist to fill out the list after you arrive at the treatment center.

How will you decide if I am going to get a tattoo removal?

The number one thing is to do your best to get the most accurate removal. In most cases, tattoo removal will only work with your skin. Your tattoo should be removed only after you go back to the doctor. Make sure that you ask your first doctor before starting treatment.

Do you offer to repair my tattoo?

Yes. Once your tattoo is done, we offer repair to remove the tattoos. If you ask for the procedure, you will be offered a tattoo removal surgery

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