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“I was never the best fighter, but I’m very dangerous. If you need to keep up with me, don’t even try.”

— Kaze in her story ” I want you to be my shadow.”

Kaze (カムサ, Kame) is a former member of the Guren Family, and a clone of Kakuzu used by the Kakuzu clones during the Third Shinobi World War.

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Kaze left the Guren family to train with the other Kakuzu clones, and become a member of Kakashi Hatake’s group in Konoha. During his training, Kaze witnessed the reincarnation of Kakuzu, with his clone having the ability to take on all aspects of Kakuzu’s skills, becoming a powerful enemy of the Fourth Hokage. This prompted him to be chosen to kill Kakuzu. Kaze used his shadow technique to kill Kakuzu in one strike; however, it was countered by the Shadow Clone Technique of Orochimaru. In retaliation, Orochimaru killed Kaze.

Powers and abilities

As a clone of Kakuzu, Kaze possesses the Chidori technique, and the Shadow Clone Technique of Orochimaru. During the Third Shinobi World War, Kaze managed to kill Kakuzu with a single strike.[1][2]


Shadow Clone Technique: Kaze’s main technique. It can manifest her shadow clone to take on his abilities or the user’s, which are in turn empowered with the user’s chakra. Like the Shadow Clone Technique of Orochimaru, the user of the Shadow Clone Technique gains a huge number of clones and can control them. Each clone is controlled by a different portion of Kaze’s chakra and is completely independent.[1] She can also perform the Shadow Clone Technique by itself.

Shadow Clone Technique: [3] Kaze’s secondary technique.[4] It works much the same as her first technique.

Shadow Clone Technique: [5] Kaze’s third technique.[6] She can use this technique to clone any part of herself in order to attack her opponent with her clones until she has exhausted all of her chakra.

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Kaze has the ability to copy, absorb,

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