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Your body does not distinguish between tattoo burn and burning from UV rays. But, if you are burned by UV rays, you may experience some discomfort. And, the burning might change from blistering to blisters.

What do tattoos look like?

Tattoos do not look good from any angle except for one: They look good on you. And that is your body. You have chosen them and you chose to have them tattooed. You do not have to let others determine how you feel about tattoos.

Are tattoos safe?

For most people, if you do NOT have tattoos or tattoos in the body (such as body piercing) you should clean it with soap & water, especially after the tattoo removal. And, keep away from children. Read the warning on what a tattoo is.

What is the difference between burning and bleaching?

Blazing, blistering, or burning will not be very noticeable to someone who has not already felt them. But, after tattoo Removal, your skin will look completely different.

How often can I get tattoos?

You can get tattooed whenever you want, without worrying as to if you will be able to wear clothes or not.

Is it OK for young people to get tattoos?

You should have tattoos of the adults, and not the kids. Younger kids, you may have to get a tattoo just because the parents or the child wants the tattoo.

Can I have a tattoo of my own in a place other than my own bedroom?

You should ask your father/mother/partner first. Then, you can find out if anyone is interested and you can discuss about it and, if so, if you are allowed to get it.

My tattoo isn’t disappearing! Do I have to get a new one?

Usually, your doctor or your local health center are better equipped to deal with your case. Some are trained to remove tattoos which have become damaged after tattoo removal. However, it can take up to 2-3 weeks before your tattoo disappears completely.

Why is my skin aging faster now?

Although you may think that tattoos have taken their toll on your skin, it actually, is just a sign of your life changing and it will grow back to normal and even better with time.

What are the symptoms of tattoo removal?

Symptom: If you have tattoos, you will have to wait a few times, and it

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