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The answer is complicated.

Research suggests that there could be a link between anemia and weight loss. But it looks most likely that you are more likely to lose weight and a greater portion of that weight will be due to fat loss, rather than anemia.

Anemia can cause the blood to become thinner — but it also increases the amount of oxygen available to the brain and heart.

A lower level of anemia in the blood will decrease your blood glucose levels. When your blood sugar levels are high, your muscles can be damaged, which may result in muscle wasting and weakness.

Because blood sugar levels are low with anemia, when you lose weight, you may gain more than just fat. A higher percentage of your body’s energy is used by your muscles — and not all muscle tissue is equal.

Anemia and weight loss.

When you have anemia, the amount of your body’s energy is used by the muscles — and not all muscle tissue is equal.

Muscles that need to operate the most include the brain and the heart. When your heart and brain use fewer calories, your muscles may be “used up,” resulting in weight loss.

Anemia can also affect fat tissue.

You have an increased chance of experiencing muscle wasting (osteopenia) in anemic people. This is because fat tissue requires fewer calories to function and has a lower metabolic rate.

A lack of calcium in the blood increases your risk for bone loss. When the body’s calcium balance is low, excess calcium is more likely to be lost in your bones.

Studies on anemia and weight loss.

There are only few studies examining anemia and weight loss.

One study from the Netherlands reported a modest weight loss that did not include anemia. That study, published in The Lancet in 2001, was funded by the Dutch Council on Nutrition.

A two-year study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found no association between anemia and weight loss. And a three-year study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that although anemia was inversely associated with weight loss in women, there was no evidence in men.

And a six-month study of more than 2000 women found that anemia did affect fat loss but was associated with only a moderate amount of weight loss.

Anemia and weight loss on the internet.
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