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An egg fast can go on without a break in its cycle and produce fertile young for many, many years. If your child is over six months old, the egg is a bit easier to fast and the process will be as simple as placing a few food items with a fork on the eggs, folding up the egg and putting it on the counter. This is as easy as making it look like you’re adding food items to the egg to keep the egg steady. Some egg fast advocates say this works for older children so they can stay inside the fast for at least one hour a day. In the old days, however, this may not provide enough hours of rest during the day for a child to get an adequate amount of exercise. For that reason, a little effort to slow down the process is the best way to slow its progress.

Does it work if the food items are left out on the counter for a long period of time?

Some egg fast proponents advocate placing food items on the eggs at regular intervals to keep them in the fast. Unfortunately, the idea of leaving food items out in the refrigerator or freezer for a long period of time isn’t always feasible. When eggs sit around in a refrigerator or freezer for longer than a week or two, they can develop a layer of solidified egg protein. This protein can get deep into the center of an egg, and when you try to break up the egg using a fork, the crack can be as much as 2/3rds of an inch deep and can leave a nasty taste on the eggs. The egg fast advocate may suggest, however, that removing some of the food from the fridge or freezer will speed up the process by exposing the outside of the eggs to heat before it breaks down. This will take some work, but it should be done in a way that will prevent the cracking, instead of adding more work.

Does it work if an egg fast doesn’t cover all the eggs?

Many egg fast proponents like egg fasts with extra layers of white (or brown) eggs. This is because the white layers help to keep the egg from hardening into hard food and, in some cases, even making its way around the kitchen counter. Egg fasts also help to reduce costs when the mother’s cooking area is crowded. A number of egg fast proponents have been known to leave the food outside, often on the counter for a longer period of time, to break off a larger group of eggs with a few extra eggs that are already

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