Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Kale Smoothie Recipes Weight Loss

Iron pills can cause weight gain, but are not generally the cause of this behavior. The reason some women find that they gain weight when on iron pills is likely related to the fact that the body’s iron stores are depleted after being on Iron pills for a large period of time. If you are on iron pills for an extended time, then you’ll likely feel tired, have a depressed body mood, and feel that you’ve hit your iron limits.

A woman should check with her doctor before taking iron pills. If a woman is trying to lose weight along with iron pills, then an increase in total caloric intake is usually needed to offset any excess weight. A woman who is able to lose weight on her own (including without iron pills) without taking iron pills might not need to get them in the first place.

There are several other reasons for women to reduce their consumption of iron, ranging from a belief that they have a hormonal imbalance, to the fact that it is better not to be on drugs at this time (iron pills are used to maintain health). Women who are on regular oral contraceptives for any length of time should discuss their use with their health care practitioner (your doctor) to make sure your iron dosages stay in line with normal menstrual cycles.

Are there ways to avoid being on iron pills?

There are several things you can do, including not taking any medications for a few days before getting your blood drawn. Talk to your provider about how to do this as there are no guidelines or laws specifically requiring blood draw services when taking iron pills. It’s always best to use caution with medications that may change your blood chemistry (unless you are in very good health). It’s possible, however, to use a blood test before you try to stop taking iron pills if your doctor advises against it (such as because your body is going through a hormonal change).

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