Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Weight Loss Motivation

It has been suggested that consuming supplements made of iron rich ingredients such as those made from green tea, green tea extract, iron chelated minerals, iron citrate, and iron sulphate can cause weight gain. A good rule of thumb is to avoid excessive intake of iron and foods rich in iron.

This doesn’t mean you should try and get iron by consuming supplements like iron chelated minerals or iron citrate. Some studies have linked increased consumption of iron-rich products to a large jump in body weight, with many of the biggest food companies marketing food enriched with iron additives. They claim this makes the foods healthier (iron rich foods are high in protein and calories), but these foods do not have the same nutritional benefits as the foods that contain no iron.

There are no scientific reports in the scientific literature to support the use of iron-rich food, vitamins or supplements as a weight-loss treatment. We suggest you only consider these products if you are determined to lose weight.

A new study shows exactly where children get their inspiration for their drawings. “Why do children draw? We are intrigued and intrigued – but not necessarily intrigued to the point that we decide to be surprised,” says study’s co-author Chris M. Anderson, associate professor of psychology at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

The study, published in Psychological Science, examined 10-year-olds’ artistic aspirations from ages 6 and 8, and found that at age 8, children saw themselves as the first artists in history. By the time they reached 12 years old they were creating more detailed maps, drawings, and paintings than any child of past generations.

“These results indicate that children see themselves as artists before any other child,” says Jennifer Jablonski, professor of cognitive psychology at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

But what was the reason for that transformation? “If you are going to see something different you are likely to see the thing at its most important, and what I wanted to know is, was it artistic ability? Or was it the ability to look at the world in a more different view than anybody before you? This study makes the case that artistic talent is more likely, as opposed to intelligence, to explain these changes in children’s ambitions and creativity,” Anderson cautions, but he isn’t convinced art talent is the culprit. “I’d love to find more information about that,” he says, and he’s particularly interested in understanding why children begin to pursue arts training in the first place.

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