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Many believe that lemon water will burn the fat off your skin and help you lose weight. However this is false. The only fat burning effect lemon water has on the body is on the skin, it does not have any effect on blood cholesterol levels, it is not an effective fat burner. A small study on the effects of lemon water and vitamin C on a human skin showed no effect.

1. The study participants said they have no ill effects from eating more fruits and vegetables. But the participants felt they lost weight because of the increased consumption of fruit. So this means the study was fake

2. This study was not an in-vitro study because it used very low doses of vitamin C, it only used a small amount of lemon water. So unless you are able to get the benefits by eating the full amount of lemon water, there is no evidence that lemon is effective in the diet for fat loss.

3. The small study did not compare the participants to a control group, the control group was said to have no problems because they never got any supplements. So the study failed to control for a cause and effect.

The studies have been shown to falsify the diet and fat loss claims.

If you were to take a poll and randomly select 5 people today to work on your business, how many of them would mention their work experience with a business that you’re in? If you have a business that has an employee of 5 employees and one that doesn’t, would you think about hiring a marketing rep?

It would be tough, right?

A recent survey reveals the typical marketing company recruiters hire at the start of the summer is often already in the recruiting stage by the end of October.

The survey of 100,000 people across the globe, which was produced by global market research firm J.D. Power, found the average marketer’s first contact with a recruiter is on Aug. 19.

And the average marketing executive’s first contact with a recruiter is just a few days later.

And, the majority of their first interactions with a recruiter are to fill out their application form.

In other words, what’s best for marketing? Getting their hands dirty and working their way up is an easier option, right?

Not according to one in five of those surveyed, who feel their best marketing strategy is to get the person hired and then see where it takes them.

So what do I mean

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