Does sweating burn belly fat? – Maintain Healthy Weight

No, in fact it does not. For starters, body fat is not stored in sweat. Instead, body fat is stored in fat cells. Sweating is a process in which the sweat glands produce a product called “hydrolysis.” “Hydrolysis” is the body’s way of removing non-essential (non-proteinaceous) fatty acids from the sweat that comes off your body. So, as long as your body is not burning excess calories from your muscles, and you are still breathing normally, you will not be sweating (you, or your spouse, for that matter!). In fact, any sweat that happens to be coming out the nose is most likely coming from the other area of your body, your mouth.

In a recent research study by Dr. Michael Yasko, an exercise physiology professor from the University of Rochester, the researchers measured body heat production and sweat rates in overweight/obese women as they walked and exercised. What they discovered is that women with high body mass index (BMI, which is the weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters) had far higher sweat rates, regardless of how they were doing the exercise. And when women were exercising together, higher sweat rates were more common and even more extreme as compared to when they were separated by weight. Sweat rates decreased as waist size increased, but that increase was not correlated to decreased body fat stores. This may be a result of how women sweat their body temperature, and is not due to excessive sweating for short or intense workouts – sweat produced in these circumstances burns body fat with equal or less frequency, but it is far more intense, consuming far greater amounts of energy.

If you exercise and lose weight, you burn body fat
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Sweat rates decrease in both men and women as they lose weight. As a matter of fact, according to Yasko and his colleagues, female exercise physiology professor Michael E. Zohary and exercise medicine specialist David A. Smith, female exercise physiology professor at the University of Florida, women’s sweat rate decreases significantly just after an initial workout. This is due to the fact that women’s blood flow is stimulated during exercise, so their sweat rate increases.

Exercise decreases sweat rates

As weight loss increases body fat (especially in women – it also increases in men), sweat rates go down, as do body heat production. According to Yasko, “Sweat rates are a direct reflection of how much your body is burning calories, and that

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