How can I have a flat tummy? – Dieting Exercise

You can find information on the benefits of a flat tummy on the NHS’s NHS Choices website.

What does a flat tummy look like?

When you have a flat tummy you may experience some of the following symptoms:

Tummy pain or discomfort

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Dry or sensitive skin (notching)

Fruitless growths (lumpings) on the skin

If you have had a baby or breastfeeding, your body may become less sensitive to heat and moisture.

As a result your tummy may appear larger, or your skin may feel wet or more flaky than normal.

For some women, changes with a flat tummy can cause them to have a hot and dry birth.

You may feel your cervix (the lower part of your womb) may open or the placenta start to move in your womb. You may feel the need to hold or push your womb up. These sensations can be uncomfortable but don’t stop you from having a baby or breastfeeding.

Causes of a flat tummy

There are many possible reasons, some of which may be preventable or treatable, that contribute to a flat tummy.

Risk factors for a flat tummy

Being overweight

Having a family history of breast cancer

Having a family history of diabetes

Having another child with a low birth weight

Being overweight and gaining weight through food

Exposure to air pollution and air pollution causes flat tummy

Taking anti-nausea medicine before your baby is born may give you a flat tummy

Exposure to sunlight through screens and sunnies can lead to a flat tummy

People with high blood pressure or heart conditions have a high risk of developing a flat tummy

The condition isn’t common, however you can reduce your risk of developing a flat tummy with some simple changes.

Preventing a flat tummy

If you have the condition for less than ten years you may be able to stop it developing. To avoid this, you should:

Reduce your intake of food and drink that contain refined flour

Stay hydrated and eat well

Reduce what you ingest through food, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, and whole milk

Talk to your GP for advice on preventing the development of a flat tummy

Your GP can refer you to a nutritionist who

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