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“Well, that is the most important thing, but it is so hard because if we eat junk and not the proper foods to make us full, then we can’t control ourselves. The second most important thing is to eat a healthy diet. If you are a vegetarian, go for a veggie diet, or a paleo diet, it’s just going to be harder on you. The third thing, and this is the hard one, is to exercise the mind and body, and it’s going to make everyone’s life so much easier.”

He also shares these tips to help someone who is just starting out with diet and weight loss and wants to start off slow, in terms of calories, and on the right track to achieve the weight loss goals.

The first thing to remember is that dieting will only make you heavier.

The second thing to remember is that dieting will only make you heavier. It will make your body fat proportionate to your weight. As a fat person you will want to maintain your new body fat percentage, so you want to eat less.

It’s just about not eating too much. When you eat too much, you are not putting anything in your body, you are taking away everything in your body that belongs to it.

To quote Bill Gates:

“The second question I ask, of course, is, “How many calories do I need to eat to lose a pound a week” – is there in excess here? No, when I tell people you need 2,000 calories per day to lose a pound a week, they say, ‘Oh no, that’s not possible, you need 400.’ This is because their weight varies so much depending on their level of activity.

If you go out for a run and you lift weights, then it goes to 585; if you do a cardio workout then it stays at 200. And therefore, the weight you lose by exercise varies. If you go for a run, and you’re overweight, I would say it’s around 350 to 550. But if you have normal-weight activity, then it will be around 150 to 170 (depending on where you are in your weight range – you’ll vary between 150 and 180, between 150 and 190, then 170 over time).”

The third thing to remember is that you will have to think about how often and how many calories you eat.
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But it is also important to note that you won’t lose weight if you go for

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