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When you plan your program, make sure you follow the 2-day per week rule for exercise sessions. This is the most accurate guide to fat loss on a single day in diet and can be seen on the right, below.

The 2 day rule is based on a study published by the Canadian Obesity Network that found that those who followed this schedule lost twice as much fat as those who did not.

In a study published in 2013, researchers followed a group of obese women for 14.5 months. During this time, they recorded all their food portions, along with daily physical activity, diet, and exercise.

All of the women lost fat at a rate of 1.27kg fat/week. A 1 kg weight loss takes approximately 1.75 hours of exercise, including about 4-5 workouts worth a total of about 16 minutes of exercise.

A study published on the International Society of Obesity (ISSO) website conducted by the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) found that weight loss is similar for women who are sedentary vs. those who are active. These two groups lose about equal amounts of fat over a one week time period.

In 2009, this study found that women who were sedentary lost about 0.5 kg more fat during the same week. Women who were active lost about 0.6 kg more fat during the same week.

If you feel as if you’re gaining fat from your diet, it is possible that this is because you are eating more calories than you are burning. There is a difference between eating 200-400 extra calories per day than burning them.

You can measure this difference between calories in vs. calories out by using the Calorie Burned Calculator. The calculator is available in the following languages: English – German, Dutch, French, Spanish – Italian, and Portuguese – Russian

What exercise should I do?

If you’re following a diet program, no matter what you eat, make sure you are getting your body moving. If you are not getting enough to burn calories, there are several possibilities. If your body does not burn enough calories, your body is at risk of gaining or losing mass.

For more information on weight loss and gaining body mass, see the full article Weight Loss & Body Mass in Women.

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