How do you exercise your eyes? – Hypnosis For Weight Loss Youtube Thomas Hall

Eyes look around and see. If they make any contact with something then it needs to be looked at – the eyelids being at the very front. If a certain area is very dark – for instance, in dark corners, or in areas like when looking straight ahead – and the rest of the eye is well lit – then the eyes move to that part or in some other way ‘look away’ towards that side of the room.

And the muscles of the muscles surrounding the eye itself, for instance, the lid muscles – are all muscles that move towards the area that needs looking at, and ‘away’. So you need to stretch them out.

So you do stretch them out. The eyes will look, and you’ll see that the muscles, or ligament, in between the eyelids need to be stretched out.

The eyelids themselves are at rest. They look forward, and the muscles of the eyelids will rotate inwards. This happens as the eyelids go across the back of the eye, or as you look straight ahead.

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However, they will never look forward at the same time. You’ll look down the side, or sideways, of the eye, or at an object or the ground. But, just as in looking round – the eye always looks round, or downwards. You look at something from the outside but it moves through you – it moves the eye down to the point where you are looking at it. So if you look at someone in a dark place, their eyes can’t follow the colour of their face if you try to look directly at them.

So as you stretch the muscles in between their eyelids – it’s just the same movement. They will be more or less in some way ‘pulled’ up to what they are naturally looking at, but they won’t be looking at the front part of the eye – the one from the back half of the head.

The muscles of the eyelid itself are at rest – they do not move inwards. There will be no movement of the part of the eyelid that is being stretched. The muscles you do stretch – do not stretch the part of the eyelid that is actually looking back at you.

We all move – we move our face with our head. We don’t move our eyelids. But we can move them with our head if we want. For instance if we want to lie flat, on our back, then we are going to have this movement

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