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It’s no secret that you’ll be using your eyes to watch, control and navigate the world, so how do you do that when you’re using them so often?”

“The other thing you’ll notice about your eyes is that there are certain things they can’t see very well. For example, a very large part of their vision is in the front of their heads. These are areas that really are not very good at this, and you can’t even see very well in the world around you.”

“This means that you have to rely on your peripheral vision, which is limited in both vision range and speed. When you do something that requires more accuracy, like driving or making sure that you can see when you put a knife in your eye, you have to rely on the peripheral vision which is not great.”

“Then you have to rely on your deep-visualization skills, which is basically that you’re relying on what you’re seeing in your peripheral vision.”

“This can be tricky because you want your vision to be good enough to be able to see your partner, you want to be able to make an accurate adjustment when you see your partner, but you want to be able to tell the difference between a big target and a large patch of grass in the distance…”

“It’s almost like having both eyes in the front of your heads is giving you two-eyed vision, since you’re not seeing the peripheral vision that your central vision is giving you. You end up having two-eyed vision where your central vision makes a fine correction.”

“To me, it’s just a little bit weird.”

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“It’s really weird. But it’s important because in order to have this ability you have to have this deep-visualization ability which, I think, is really critical in order to be able to keep your balance in an extreme situation.”

It is easy to understand that a person who spends his or her life chasing money and control will eventually do something they regret: a car crash, divorce, or premature death. The good news is that the process can be stopped.

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