How do you lose leg fat? – Webmd Diet

A lot, or a lot less?

This is the real question.

A lot.

But less than a lot.

A lot more than a lot.

I have a confession to make…I really don’t like reading blogs.

It’s like I can’t wait for a chance to do it.

But I can’t keep reading them.

Maybe that’s okay, though…

I do like taking time to think about food.

And that’s not so different from how I feel about reading blogs.

I’ve got lots of ideas about how I could benefit…

Maybe they’ll happen, and maybe I’ll fall into a rut. Maybe I’ll find that I have too much to do.

I like to think about it and try to pick something that will help me out.

But for the most part, I just go on eating.

And that has been my experience with fat loss.

I just eat.

In a big way.

I have a ton of recipes in my cookbook. Lots, sometimes thousands…

So what if I take it up a notch? I do love making my own.

A LOT of recipes.

And there is another reason I like it.

I find it really fun to make things.

And it’s really good fun.

You want to know how it’s fun?

You want me to tell you what I eat?

Let’s just say…I like getting back into the kitchen.

And I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to make the BEST homemade desserts you’ve ever tasted.

What I love about making desserts —

I love thinking about how they might be created.

I love planning them, even the little details.

I love going through the whole process.

Because, not only am I creating, I’m creating something beautiful by the end.

It’s that sort of attention to detail for such a simple, but incredibly delicious dessert that I just can’t say enough about it.

I do want to make a point here that not only does this method work well for me, it works really well for anyone who wants to lose weight.

This is an easy, “quick-and-dirty” technique for fat loss.

It’s a “recipe-less” way

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