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This is a tough question, as my readers are obviously aware. However, I think a few things that were true of my son’s life before my surgery and after my surgery can explain a portion of the rise in his belly. He gained weight quickly. The only way I could see this working is by having that quick weight gain and slowly losing it. My son’s eating habits were not ideal, and the diet, exercise, and stress management needed to stay consistent to maintain his overall health. These changes made him more susceptible to obesity.

I will admit that I ate just about everything. I was always hungry, but I would also eat more than I was accustomed to eat. I will not deny that it was a challenge to keep my family healthy, but I know that my son, and others like him, can make better lifestyle adjustments and do better with less stress. So I would encourage my readers to make lifestyle changes like these, and to keep them going with less stress.

How did you and your husband react to doctors ordering the surgery, and what’s the worst that went wrong?

Our husband and I were shocked by the doctors. It’s one thing to have some information about the surgery, but the fact that my husband had to explain to his parents and his girlfriend that this was a possibility meant more to us than I thought. He was so concerned about everything that was happening to us, and the health of his baby and what it was affecting my son. He was so overwhelmed with all of the information, it was hard for him to process it all and it’s the reason we’ve remained extremely strong through this.

When I first heard about the surgery and was told by doctors that my son wanted to see a gynecologist after seeing a family doctor and was undergoing laparoscopy, I was elated! I was scared, but excited nonetheless. But then came the diagnosis. The doctors found something called a “nipple-like mass on my son’s stomach,” and suggested a biopsy. A biopsy is only given if there is no other reason for having it. With the biopsy done, they told me that it was abnormal, and that I should not perform another laparoscopy, and that my son’s health would begin to deteriorate. My son could die at that point, and I was told that I had to return to California and bring him home.

I was a wreck. I cried for two days. I was in pain, I

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