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On a ketogenic diet, there is a specific protocol of protein, carbs, fats and simple sugars that can help you lose weight. What type of food should you eat every single day and what type foods should you avoid?

What is the optimal amount of protein on a ketogenic diet?

What is the best carb and fat ratio and what is the ideal food group for a ketogenic diet?

This is a very important and complex question for us keto lifters. When it comes to weight loss, we can say that an ideal ratio of carbohydrate and fat is 100% protein. The exact ratio of carbs to fats is completely irrelevant and should be left a bit up to personal preference. What I advise is, the more carbs and fat you have per meal, the more your body will use, and the less it will use the later that day.

What is the recommended carbs ratio for someone who is trying to lose weight?

When you try to gain weight, your carbs go up and you will have to eat more and eat less. What your body does is stores fat stores as glycogen, and it burns these extra carbs as fuel, and as a fuel, this burns more calories than what the body uses. If you are trying to lose weight, the optimal ratio after a few weeks of fasting will become more clear. In the beginning it may seem to be that the ratio is too high, so a few days of extra carb loading may be useful to slow down the increase in calories taken out of the body by weight loss. This should not take more than one or two days, and when you see noticeable weight on the scale and significant weight loss come out of it. As body weight goes up, so will the calorie-burning rate, so this is one thing that dieters can do to try to slow their calorie burning rate and slow the total calories they burn.

Are there any specific diets for keto dieters?

Yes, there is a diet called the ketogenic diet. This is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that is ideal for people who follow a ketogenic diet for short periods of time. For those who need to maintain carbohydrate intake, this diet is a solid one, and for those who need to get rid of fat, it is a very good one. However, other people will only need the ketogenic diet if they are trying to lose weight at the beginning of a ketogenic diet, and will need a high carbs

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