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Slim Fast’s claim to fame is its high-protein, low-carbohydrate content. In fact, the company claims it is one of the few protein shakes that is entirely “clean” and low-glycemic due to taking into account the “lean protein” component from the protein from its beef and chicken sources. But does that provide sufficient protein to keep you satisfied until your next snack? To see if fat is a good part of your diet, check out the Slim Fast menu. Also, don’t forget to make your fat-fueled snack a protein and a healthy alternative to your standard snack like chips and sweets. There are lots of options, including chips, pretzels, cakes, frozen nuts and fruit, or you can mix in a healthy blend from a wholefood provider like Nature’s Path.

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In the last week of May, 2014, President-elect Barack Obama made headlines with a bold and unprecedented effort to close a controversial immigration loophole by making an executive action. For years, Obama had been promising to end a “systematic abuse” of an already overfederalized immigration system that made it easier to illegally bring persons into the United States.

The new action would:

Require each alien in the country illegally to submit fingerprints and obtain an electronic signature for each application for an immigrant visa, green card, or immigrant visa renewal; And Require that any alien seeking to obtain an immigrant visa, green card, or immigrant visa renewal must demonstrate U.S. Citizenship, Naturalization, or Alien Registration Number (Document Number) and a U.S. visa, green card, or immigrant visa or renewal application.

In addition, the president would allow all lawful permanent residents to remain in the country during the period of the temporary measures, as long as they leave, within the five-year period, before expiration of the current temporary policies.

While the executive order was the most expansive policy the president has put forth in this area, it would have been difficult on both parties. It would have needed congressional approval, and even a simple majority in both Houses would have been problematic if Democrats control the White House.

The new policy had several flaws. It was a weak measure that would be difficult for the House Republicans to sign off of. In addition, the immigration problem was already a contentious topic with GOP voters, and it would be especially difficult for Republicans to pass legislation that didn’t have the support of most of the party’s presidential candidates. Further, there is another

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