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On the night I became a father, the first thing I wanted to learn was about my baby. The most important thing, though, is that my husband is a great father.

I know this is a controversial statement given that he has never had a child. But I can assure you that he has had many moments when he’s felt guilty or stressed, or wished he could be there with me, to take some credit.

Being a father can be tough, particularly when you’re young. It can take a toll on you financially — how much you can work, where the money goes and for how long, all of which impacts on how long you can look for another. The stress and anxiety are not good with a kid.

And even though it may be difficult, I can assure you that your son can grow up to be a great person. And just like any good father, his name means so much more than he ever knew. With a little faith in yourself and some good advice (and a little sleep), this son-to-be will be a tremendous resource for others.

1. Remember to share with your baby about the importance of him.

Your son will understand. He will know you care about him and he will recognize you, even in front of him, talking about your dreams.

2. Know how to get your baby help when he needs it.

One of my favorite activities with my boy is taking him to visit with other parents. These visits give us a chance to talk in a safe and casual environment about anything and everything, because our little ones can’t always take care of themselves. Some moms use their kids as a babysitter instead of a babysitter, but I think we do it much better.

3. Tell your child to be the best dad he can be.

Don’t go in there thinking he’s perfect. No one is, but this is a boy. He is a man. He knows his limits. He knows he makes mistakes. He knows his place in life. He has a life that is far more complex. If you tell him to be that way, he’ll love it.

4. Remember your son can take your whole self.

Not every little boy wants to be a little guy — it’s not him. There is no boy

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