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A water diet is a simple dietary approach intended to be ingested for a relatively short period of time and is used to reduce fat intake. Dietetic professionals often offer a water diet as a means to help with weight control, but it can be difficult for some people to follow such a strict and precise diet.

In a water diet, the dietitian first establishes a specific meal plan to be consumed for a given time; this serves primarily to help regulate food consumption and the body’s metabolism. For example, this may be accomplished through several different meal timing strategies. Typically, one or more of these meals occurs within a set time period, with a meal frequency chosen based on the individual’s appetite. Typically, one or more of these meal frequency strategies is used in conjunction with a caloric restriction, or calorie surplus, to ensure there is a decrease in total caloric intake, while still ensuring adequate macronutrient intake.

How does a water diet work?

A water diet is a relatively simple dietary approach intended to be ingested only for a relatively short period of time, although it can be difficult for some people to follow such a strict and precise plan. Dietitians suggest that people start by eliminating any food and beverages that are not necessary for optimal nutrient intake: all sources of calcium. Once the body has sufficient calcium, the dietitian then eliminates all dietary fat. After a certain point, the fat consumption should be re-evaluated to make sure that a change in dietary fat is being made in a meaningful and safe way, as a consequence of the reduced consumption of calorie-dense foods (e.g., desserts, cakes).

In addition to eating a food for a period, the water diet will usually include a set number of calorie-dense foods, in addition to a set number of caloric-restricted foods. People that are planning to implement a water diet will often use these two sets of foods, or a combination of them, in addition to the water diet. Therefore, the dietitian must carefully monitor food consumption to determine if it is necessary to decrease some portion of their caloric intake, while allowing others in their daily calorie allotment, in order to ensure adequate caloric storage and/or calorie-intake regulation.

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What is the difference between a water and liquid diet?

There are many different water and liquid diet programs, and many different diets (or water-and-liquid) that should be used for different purposes. Some water-only or liquid-only

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