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A moon face is a picture like this:

A lunar face is a picture like this:

Here is the same image with a moon face removed:

Now a lunar face and a moon face are two very different images. The two may look the same when viewed through the right telescope, but the moon face is not one piece of the moon. The shape and depth of the moon are both different from a normal face and lunar crater:

Moon Face on a Cylinder

A moon face looks just like a cylinder. When viewed through a right sized telescope, moon face should look like this:

This looks like the moon. The moon is about the size of a small cup of coffee. The edge of the crater of the moon is about 10 to 12 inches in diameter. The edge of the crater is a few inches wide. The diameter of an average moon is about 1.5 feet wide.

An illustration of a moon face on a cylinder:

Why is the moon face important?

Many people are astonished by the fact that the moon has such a simple face. A moon face is made up of a cylindrical hollow, the moon, and the rock it is on. The crater can be easily located by using a ruler and the Moon Phasing Mirror. The top of the crater can be located with the naked eye by using a telescope.

Why can’t the moon face be seen using the telescope?

The moon is a round body and it can be seen quite easily with the naked eye by a telescope, but it is a very thin “face” with a flat bottom. The moon is far too hot, dense and close to the Sun for a picture like this to be done. The moon is about 30 times more dense than a water droplet. To get a picture like this, we need a small and well designed telescope.

What we say about the moon face with a telescope
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What we said about the moon face with a telescope is:

The angle is about 12 degrees from the vertical. The image is not very wide at the center. The image is a bit fuzzy and fuzzy. The edge is not as sharp as seen through the right telescope.

Why is the moon face important?

The Moon itself has a natural, spherical shape. The Moon faces are different from the usual round moon. The image is much fainter. A picture like this is very easy to see with the

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