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Moon face is the name given to the moon when seen from the Earth or from a satellite on a fixed course. The term was probably derived from “moonface” meaning an elongated face.


Because of a variety of factors, the orbits of most satellites is not perfectly circular, so some orbits are not perfectly circular. One of which is the eccentricity of the satellite. As you go faster in space, the eccentricity changes. This causes satellites to have orbits that are more circular or elliptical. For example:

Earth passes through the orbit of Pluto, the smallest of the large planets. This causes a dramatic variation in the orbit of Pluto. As you know, this is a very complex matter. If a planet has an eccentricity greater than 0.5 and if Pluto has an eccentricity of 0.5, the orbit of Pluto will not always match the orbital path of the Earth, leading to a partial transit. Pluto gets much closer and closer to the Earth as we move past it, and is able to pass close to us by only a few centimeters. And then, you pass out of the orbit of the Earth, meaning your satellite is in a very elliptical orbit.

Since a satellite with a slightly elliptical orbit is very unstable and unstable satellites tend to have an eccentricity of a little more than 0.7.

On the other hand, if you have a more spherical orbit, like that of a planet or an asteroid, the orbital period of the satellite will be larger and will be more predictable. In addition, if you are on a relatively flat orbit, this will ensure that only part of the satellite will be in a position to receive a transit, because the smaller part will be in an oblique orbit and not in an accurate or round orbit.

Nowadays we use the term ellipse to describe a system with smooth orbits, which is a form of spherical Earth. The name ellipse was probably based on an error-prone Latin name ellipsus”, which means curved.

Why do we have eclipses?

We have multiple eclipses this year:

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We have four annular eclipses in October, as per the Geminid meteors

As well as regular “widescreen” moon sightings

But, we also have an extra one this year:

This will be more visible in the Southern hemisphere, where it is more common.

And it will be

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