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There is no single dietary regimen to lose weight effectively. That’s true for fatness, but not for healthfulness. A diet is a way of losing weight, not an answer to the same question. The goal of this webpage is to share with you my favorite diet method (and method of “baking”), and also my other favorite diet plans. This section is written at roughly the same time that all other sections are written. Many of the ideas will change and evolve as I incorporate fresh ideas into my diet, and as a result changes will be made to every single part of the diet. My goal is to give you some ideas to guide you through the process. These are ideas, and I will gladly take and incorporate yours; however, I will not be so generous. I will provide a link to a resource page where you can see some of my other favorite diets. The only things I will not include on my website are products that I have had a personal experience with which should have been excluded from my diet, and where my personal experience with the diet in question would be a source of information which I can use for my own use. The purpose of this website is to give you a chance to have the best, easiest, and cheapest diet for losing weight on Earth. It is not to sell you the idea of something. Dieting is a method of changing your diet. Your diet is not the end and solution to your weight problem. Your body is not like a machine; it is not a box. Your body is like a horse — a creature of its own and a unique being. The diet you follow is the first step on the process of finding some solutions for your specific obesity. I hope that these ideas encourage you to pursue a healthier diet for yourself. You are not the only person with this problem and I hope that you will take the first step towards finding some solution for your problem. When in doubt, consult a doctor first. That will make all the difference (see below). Your diet cannot heal your body or you will have to go through more than one diet. Your diet is the first step on a journey. It is one of many decisions we have to make. In many cases, a healthy diet is one of all the answers. Your diet may be the start of a journey or a very rough one, but I hope that it provides you with some insight into the process of weight loss. The best way to get a good diet is to try it with your family or even a few friends — it is
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