What is the maximum weight loss in a month? – Dieting Process

The following are the average weight loss numbers for the last 10 days/weeks from a different study where participants lost an average of 17 pounds or more (15.3kg) during a two-day period of fasting and increased their daily calorie intake to 150–170. The study participants averaged an initial weight loss of 25 lb, which led to a loss of 17 lb during the following 10 days or weeks.

(The authors note that this number may differ from someone’s own body weight because they were able to maintain their weight loss, while others may have not met the criteria for this study as they were overweight or obese after a certain period of time).

The table below provides approximate weekly and daily weights changes (weight lost) to the body weight in kilograms divided by 12.

Weekly Weight Change Daily Weight Change 3 lb − 10 lb − 2 lb − 6 lb − 8 lb − 12 lb 2% − 9 − 10 − 4 lb − 16 lb − 16 lb 6% − 6 − 12 − 11 lb − 20 lb − 20 lb 12% − 18 − 24 − 24 lb − 33 lb − 33 lb 24% − 27 − 36

Daily Calories

The average total daily calorie needs are 4,280-4,440 as follows (in grams):

(a) 2,360 kcal = 2200 kcal for an 800-lb person and 2,120 kcal for an obese person

(b) 1,400 kcal — 860 kcal for an 800-lb, 1,400 kg person and 688 kcal for a 1,400 kg person

Weekly Total Calories

One year after the study ended, the average daily kcal intake for all study subjects was around 2,220 kcal.

In general, the people who lost the most weight were, on average, people who had been obese before the study (i.e., those with BMIs of 30–40, 35–45, and 40 or more kg).

(In the table there is a space between participants’ BMIs and the next decimal point. The space indicates that the participants were at a weight where their BMIs were around 40 or above, so the decimal points correspond to the average for a weight loss of 30 kg, 50 kg, and 60 kg, respectively)

Weekly Total Calories Lost
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Weight loss ranged from 0.0 to 16% of body weight/day, which corresponds to a loss of between 1,350–4,

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