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How should I weight loss take place? How long do you believe an overweight person should maintain the weight lost? Why do your patients keep the same weight? How many are you able to gain weight over the course of a year? What if your patients keep losing weight all year even though they eat at different times of day? What is the difference between a daily pattern of eating vs. a calorie deficit? How should I train? What are the key nutritional aspects of a healthy diet? How do you teach a patient to lose weight?

How should the patient eat?

As with any other aspect of dieting, the basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet are:

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Choose a nutrient dense, nutrient dense food source and choose the right time to eat it – no more, no less. This means no snacking after meals. Choose vegetables and fruit. Get enough protein. Choose plenty of fiber to get adequate energy for muscle growth, not a lot. Choose low glycemic index foods. Avoid foods high in sodium and sugars. Avoid processed foods

In a word, don’t be sloppy. There are many good foods that don’t have to be loaded with calories or refined carbs. I recommend finding low carbohydrate healthy foods that do not provide any calories or carbohydrates if you choose to eat them. Make a plan out of it and stick to it – it gets better the more you do it. A simple plan is easy to make and take care of – it will make you lose weight in no time. But the way you eat will make all the difference to your success.

There are many ways to lose weight if you want to achieve a healthy weight without the use of diets or exercise. Just follow the following basic steps:

Cut the number of calories or carbs your body is eating down to below the energy you burn with exercise. Choose foods high in fat, protein, and carbohydrates that you enjoy eating, and avoid added sugars, refined carbohydrates, and added sugars. Go all out – try replacing those foods with healthy fats and proteins that you can eat all day long, and take supplements for added vitamins and minerals or a high fiber diet. Avoid foods that are high in sodium and sugars (not just candy and soda, but also white bread and white rice). Stick to the following healthy foods in moderation: Avocadoes Avocado






Canned tuna



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