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Research suggests that the best way to lose weight or get started weight loss is to eat a low-calorie diet . The calories consumed in food contribute to weight gain and fat storage . If you don’t start eating a low-calorie diet as soon as possible, the fat will stick around. Instead of worrying about losing weight, you start eating foods that will give you the right amount of nutrients.

How do I feel after a weight loss?

After weight loss, your metabolism will decrease, and you’ll feel tired. You may vomit, feel faint and tired, have stomach aches or go through periods when you have no energy. This will feel worse when you’re having a meal or a meal that’s not low-calorie. You also may feel more fatigued. It might take weeks for your body to be able to process a higher calorie deficit. Over time, you may get more or less hungry and eat less. Your appetite goes down, but your energy will go up.

How does a weight loss treatment work?

Weight loss treatments will typically target the problem of obesity and how your body burns energy. You’ll probably find the treatment plan will focus on reducing how your body burns energy.

The most common therapies used:

• Bariatric surgery . In this procedure, you’ll have your stomach cut out and removed. You’ll need anesthesia. Once you’re fully healed, you will lose the weight.

• Metformin. Metformin is a digestive enzyme, so it is also a type of medication to help curb appetite. It works by slowing the rate of breakdown of carbohydrates in the body.

The most common side effects you’ll experience:

• Nausea, fatigue, lack of energy.

• Loss of appetite or overeating.

• Increased appetite.

• Feeling anxious and nervous. Some experts suggest avoiding metformin, as this often increases anxiety and can make weight loss harder.

• Decreased appetite and the feeling of empty.

• Less energy.

You may need to take your blood pressure and cholesterol medication for the first few weeks. For a longer-term treatment, your doctor may recommend medication such as beta blockers or an insulin.

How do I know if weight loss has happened?

You’ll typically do one or more of these in the first few weeks of your weight loss treatment:

• Check your BMI to find out your body mass index

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