Are all roulette wheels in the same order? – Are Online Roulette Games Rigged Fishing

A: No. Each wheel has its own sequence of moves; this is how the roulette spins. The top row of roulette wheels are arranged in order of their probability of being drawn; the bottom row is the order that you are likely to come across. It is an order that’s not random – it’s predetermined.

Q: Can any of these roulette wheels rotate?

A: Yes. The top row of wheel faces rotate 180 degrees, but the bottom row is not. The next step is to have two of the six cards placed on top of each other – you have created a rotation element.

Q: Is it possible to place a card directly on a wheel but not rotate it?

A: Yes. You can place a card on the other wheel and rotate it so that it faces one direction, but the other wheel rotates 180 degrees in order to face the other direction. The four cards face the other direction.

Q: How do I know which of the four cards goes to which direction on the other wheel?

A: You do not. The five cards face away from each other.

Q: Are the cards on the bottom of the pile on either side the same as the cards on the top?

A: No. The cards on the bottom of the pile alternate between the two sides.

Q: How do cards turn to a different colour when they are rotated?

A: You should remember that the position of the cards isn’t what they were before they were placed on the wheel; it’s a reflection of their spin. Sometimes cards will go to one side or the other of their original position. This is called “shaping”.

Q: Can you spin the top wheel to look at the bottom one?

A: Yes, but the card can be seen in only one way. The card can be seen one way – face up, with the front face facing out and two back faces facing in. The card can be seen in only two ways: face front or face back.

Q: Do I spin the wheel all the way around but in reverse?

A: No. You would need more room to spin the wheel all the way around (which would be impractical). When you have a few extra turns left before you finish rotating the wheel all the way around, you can leave the wheel in this direction, but turn it up and do it again a few more times.

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