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Well, no, they’re not. In fact, the majority of casinos are regulated on a state by state basis, and the laws vary widely. But if the machine was used to gamble against yourself, it becomes gambling. And according to the New York State Gaming Commission, as long as you meet some other conditions, you may not be violating the law.

Is gambling legal in Las Vegas?

Yes, of course. Many casinos in Nevada are licensed by casinos in other states.

If the machine was turned on at a casino in Arizona, would it be illegal under state law?

The answer is yes. Arizona and Nevada are among the most conservative states when it comes to casinos. In fact, as the New York State Gaming Commission states, “there are no state licensed casinos in Nevada.”

Still, we’re happy to report that Nevada is one of only five states not requiring credit cards or casino chips to purchase slots, where you can spend as much as you like.

Where can I find out about the regulations for gambling that’s already been legalized by a state?

You can read our article about gambling regulations for casinos in Arizona by clicking on “Gambling Regulation.”

We also offer a wide range of helpful information for casinos and casinos licensees by visiting our state gambling regulations page.

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