Are there any professional roulette players? – Roulette Strategy To Win Big

How many roulette machines do you have? (Note this depends on how many people you play with)

How much are the roulette jackpots? (this depends on how many bets you bet)

Are you using the “Bet Machine” “Bet” tab? (If that is true it means you have the “Player” tab)

What is the limit on the bet? (if it says “All In” that means you have a total win total of $5,000.000)

If so, how much do you feel the odds of getting the same prize as the jackpot are really?

I’m only paying attention to the “Player” tab.

I’ve read a lot on the “Bet” tab. Is it worth adding?

Why are you betting?

Please enter a valid email address

I’ll also see the next FAQ question:

If you’ve been playing here for a while now, please let me know why you’ve decided to play

If you’ve been playing for less than 2 weeks I’ll assume you’re new

If you’ve been playing for any period of time

If you’re an experienced player

How do I remove the old posts?

Delete old bets

Remove all bets

Unpublish (this will not delete the posts, only the entire website)

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