Can Roulette make you rich? – How To Win Playing Roulette

No. Roulette doesn’t make anybody rich. Roulette is one of the most difficult and risky gambling games available.

However, it is a very interesting challenge. No two times will you have the same outcome and it’s often more fun to die than to win.

The Roulette Board

What is the most valuable asset in Roulette?

The chance of scoring a double or a four.

The value of an asset increases if you win more than that. Some of the most valuable assets in Roulette come from the roulette cards. The value of the red and blue cards are always doubled or quadrupled.

However, every roulette player has at least one card in every colour and that card often gets played twice or more and this is used as a ‘lucky or unlucky turn’. This makes some of the roulette cards even more valuable.

A good game can add up to many billions of dollars worth of gains when there is a very close draw. If there are many draws then the game is essentially ‘lucky or unlucky’. The risk of betting the same dollar twice at high-roll levels is only reduced as much as the prize money you won on each draw.

What is the best way to play roulette?

Play it as slowly as you dare. A very slow game can put you off the game completely if the player is taking their time with the game and it appears as if the game doesn’t take very long anymore.
Roulette Tricks: The Big Number Strategy

Play the roulette cards as soon as you see the green. This is an important point in the game. If you go to wait around for your turn, it appears as if the game just played its last card and you don’t see any more action.

When you see the green, take a big gamble with a large amount of chips at first. This puts you in an extremely strong position and gives you an edge in your bet.

What are the odds of winning?

The chance of winning in single-deck roulette is 1-in-6. The odds of winning in triple-deck roulette is 1-in-8. The odds of winning in quadruple-deck roulette is 1-in-10.

However, when you bet on the roulette, odds are multiplied tenfold. So, the odds of winning in the worst possible situation (in the most expensive positions) are 4-to-1!

When you lose

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