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That’s the goal of a new online casino game designed to take your money and keep it safe when you’re out on the street. And yes, it is in Las Vegas.

It’s called the “RoboCop Project,” and it’s a game with the unusual promise of keeping any player money, even your bad luck. The goal is to find a safe place inside the blackjack table for every dollar lost. That way, you can collect a “robocoin,” the name of the game, which you can use to buy lottery tickets, gambling chips and the like, to get back to where you left off.

This is a new concept of gambling that doesn’t make you feel like a fool, according to the team behind RoboCop, which are based in the southern British city of Southampton. The game has been in various stages in development for the last decade. It’s designed to be simple enough to grasp for people with little to no experience.

After learning that you’re out on the street, you walk into the blackjack table and you play the roulette wheel to place a bet – if you have money, or if you don’t, you just stop playing. The roulette wheel spins around as fast as you can, and you have a minute to make your bet.

As the roulette spins, all bets are counted, and if it ever drops below that set percentage, your winnings are automatically returned to your bank account. You don’t have to actually go home with anything if you’re not in the bank.

The game has a set price, just like gambling in real casinos. It’s free, with no “pay to win,” but you can always play the roulette again if you start losing again. There’s also a “buy in” option at the bottom of the site to get in for more money.

The idea behind RoboCop is so well executed it’s impressive. I haven’t played it yet, but when I did play the game, it felt like playing roulette with the roulette wheel spinning a million times per second to see what happens. It might sound like it’s simple, but if you learn it and then play the game, you could find yourself using the game the next time you have a chance to win real money, no matter how low the stakes.

I’ve been able to play the game a bit, and it’s easy to understand, with one important feature missing – that is, being able

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