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Is your best friend cheating on you?

Could you be addicted to TV?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, there’s a good chance you’ve cheated on you partner.

What’s more, you might have not even realized it.

Experts say cheating on someone is actually quite normal.

“You might have thought that cheating on a spouse was strange or strange behavior,” says Dr. Lisa Gorman, who teaches a personal finance class at John Jay College in New York.

But, Gorman adds, being an extrovert tends to put extra stress on relationships.

“People are very aware that being extroverted and extroverted people are prone to cheating,” Gorman says.

Gorman says an extrovert’s tendency to cheat helps explain why people with extroverted personalities tend to have a higher chance of cheating on their spouse.

For a woman who feels insecure about her body, for example, an extrovert may be more likely to keep their partners “in the loop” about how “hot” they are. But for a man with an introverted, shy personality, an extrovert will likely “put extra pressure on you to go out and meet guys,” Gorman says.

Gorman says in a relationship, a relationship built on a healthy foundation of trust, it’s the extroverts who really benefit.

“If you’re in a relationship where an extrovert is being the head of the family and the leader and the leader of the pack — that would be a situation where you’re less likely to be looking at other people as potential mates, more likely to be looking at yourself as a potential mate, more likely to be looking at the mate as a potential mate,” Gorman says.

Research shows men tend to cheat more than women.

Dr. Lisa Gorman says when men cheat on their spouses, they “put extra pressure on their partner to cheat on them.”

“Whether it’s through the wife looking at her neighbor or the husband looking at her neighbor,” Gorman says.

Research shows women tend to cheat more than men.

A study by researchers at the University of Michigan University found that more women than men have cheated. There is also a relationship between a woman’s propensity for cheating and her education.

In the study, conducted in 2000, researchers interviewed 300 women with undergraduate degrees. Participants had a short response time and

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