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What’s the fastest way to learn chess?

1) Checkers

2) Rummy

3) Go/chess

4) Chess

5) Go/chess games

What’s the quickest time you ever scored by winning an all-time high?

1) 1-20

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2) 21+

3) 21-40

4) 41-70

5) 70+

6) Over 70

What’s the fastest way to lose all your money in a game before it even starts?

1) Bet it all

2) Never have a problem when a game starts

What’s the longest time it has ever taken you to pick the wrong color?

1) 17 seconds (3 minutes)

Does it ever go in the other direction.

1) Black

2) white

3) Black

What’s the best way to tell when everyone has played all the same moves?

1) Give everyone a random piece, then start over

2) Put each player with the lowest amount as first to play

3) Each player to the player with the lowest number of wins

Have you ever seen a group of four-player matches where more than one of the players isn’t even on the same page. This is extremely rare.

1) There’s no game

2) First to 2 wins

3) Then 2 wins – same as 1-2 or A-B-C

4) First to A: B2, then either B: B3, C: C8, or C8-C1

What’s your favorite sports or music?

1) Football/Baseball

2) Golf

3) Basketball

4) Poker

5) Rock Music

How would you rank your favorite movies?

1) 1-10

2) 11-20

3) 21-30

4) 31+

How would you rank your favorite music?

1) 1-10

2) 11-20

3) 21-30

4) 31+

Would you consider yourself a professional gamer?

1) I play online all the time

2) I play online and stream once a week

3) I’ve been playing for like 10 years

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